Avocados might not appear among the top 10 agricultural products to consume organic, so why consume organic avocados.

Thefact that in traditional farming, more accurately called chemical farming, avocado is one of the products that does not depend heavily upon chemicals to fight plagues. The thick skin of the fruit lessens the amount of chemicals that penetrate after being applied directly on the trees. Nevertheless, chemicals are still applied in conventional avocado farms, in the form of fertilizers,  herbicides, and on some occasion pesticides to fight

Herbicides used around trees get absorbed by the trees themselves, and most importantly kill life around trees, helping soil erosion and significant deterioration of soil health and quality on the short, mid and long terms.

Chemical fertilizers contaminate with nitrates our water sources rendering them not apt for human consumption. So even if your traditional avocado is not jammed with chemicals, organic avocados help us maintain a cleaner environment.

If you consume organic, it is because you are aware of the effects of tradicional farming on our health and the environment, and even if our heat is not at risk consuming traditional avocados, our planet is more likely to thrive when less chemicals


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