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Ettinger Organic Avocado small box, 5Kg

Spain is the major European producer of avocados. One of the earliest varieties we produce during av

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Ettinger Organic Avocado small box, 5Kg

Spain is the major European producer of avocados. One of the earliest varieties we produce during avocado season in the Tropical Coast of Granada is called Bacon.  Bacon Organic Avocado small box is ideal for domestic consumption, families with healthy eating habits, raw vegans, vegans, vegetarians, and paleao diet followers who want to enrich their daily menu with this hearty and highly nutritious fruit.

Description and taste of Bacon avocado

Bacon avocado is oval shaped and have smooth, thin skin that is dark green in color with faint speckles throughout. Their flesh is pale yellow-green, and contrary to what its name might suggest, it is less oily than Hass or Fuerte avocados, with a light creamy texture. The central pit in Bacon avocados is large, taking up a substantial amount of flesh in the fruit.

Size of Bacon avocado.

How many pieces in my basket?

The “Bacon” avocado fruit is small to medium and its weight might oscillate between   150 and 300 grs. You might expect your Bacon Organic Avocado small box to contain between 17 and 33 pieces.

When is my Bacon avocado ripe?

How to conserve avocados properly

In Tropicultura we collect the avocados the same day we send them to you.  And it takes the avocados from 5 to 10 days to fully ripen so that you can enjoy them in your dishes, salads or healthy snacks. As most other tropical fruits you know your avocado is ripe when it yields to gentle pressure. Until it reaches full ripeness keep your Bacon Organic Avocado small box at room temperature between 18ºC to 22ºC. Be sure not refrigerate before it is ripe, since lower temperatures might halt the ripening process, and even if taken out of the fridge the avocado might not be able to ripen properly.

Why not refrigerate?

Have you ever asked yourself why freighted avocados from other continents do not taste as they should? For those avocados to endure the trip and get to the store shelf intact, they are stored at lower temperatures during a journey that might easily last more than two weeks. Those avocados can NEVER ripen properly and their taste will always be ordinary at most.

The season of Bacon avocados

Bacon avocado is one of the earliest to mature during avocado season. In the Tropical Coast of Granada we start collecting Bacon avocados in early October and it might extend till November or even December, depending on the weather and climatic conditions.

How we grow our Etinger avocados

All our tropical fruits are organic. We care about our health as farmers, the health of the earth as the provider of our food, and the health of our clients. We strongly believe that there is no other way to cultivate our food hope that one day all agriculture will be sustainable. We have both Spanish and EU certificate as organic producers by CAAE

Additional information on avocado world.

Avocado source is an excellent page where detailed scientific information could be found on different topics related to avocados.


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Source: US department of agriculture Ficha

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