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Organic Mangoes Osteen variety

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Have you ever tried Spanish organic mangoes? Those who have, certainly came back for more. ( Prices/Kg) depending on the total amount in your basket. Precios y descuentos mango


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Organic mangoes Osteen variety

It’s hard to beat freshly-picked organic mangoes Osteen variety, most of all when they don´t have to cross an ocean to get to your table. From Andalucía, South of Spain, from th...

Organic mangoes Osteen variety

It’s hard to beat freshly-picked organic mangoes Osteen variety, most of all when they don´t have to cross an ocean to get to your table. From Andalucía, South of Spain, from the Tropical coast of Granada, we offer you our own delicious, juicy, aromatic and sweet organic fresh mangoes. you can add the amount of Kilograms fo mangoes that you wish to buy and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Characteristics of Osteen organic fresh mango.

When mature, Organic mangoes Osteen variety have a lovely color that goes from green at the base of the fruit to purple on the far end, with some orange and yellow hints in the middle.  Osteen mango is of an exceptional quality thanks to its fibreless, sweet and very aromatic smooth flesh.  The weight of each unit is between 300 and 700 gm.

How to ripen my organic fresh mangoes.

We collect your mangoes the same day  we send them to you. We handpick them when they are fully mature, nevertheless they still need from 8 to 10 days to ripen 1.  When you receive your fresh Organic Mangoes Osteen variety, just let them sit at room temperature – ideally between 18 and 22ºc – until they ripen. You can also accelerate a mango’s ripening process at home by storing the fruit in a paper bag at room temperature, preferably with another ethylene-producing fruit, such as an apple or banana. The trapped gas will help the fruit mature quicker, naturally.  You may refrigerate your organic fresh mangoes for a short while, only after they are fully ripe, to prolong shelf life, but never before.

How to know your mango is ripe.

Smell and texture are the two best indicators of ripeness in a mango.  The color on the other hand, is not an accurate indicator since it depends on the variety of mango. The hue often indicates how much direct sun exposure has the mango received, rather than its ripeness. Osteen mangoes usually conserve their green hue even when they are ripe.

Ripe mangoes have a strong fruity, sweet smell, emanating chiefly from around the stem. Furthermore the flesh around the stem of a ripe mago is especially plump and round. When you apply light pressure to a ripe mango, you should feel the flesh give a little. It should not be rock hard nor squishy. When you check for the firmness, it is always better to do so with the palm of your hand, so that the pressure is even and gentle and doesn’t harm the fruit.

When is the season of fresh Spanish mangoes.

Tropical Coast of Granada, in Andalucía, South of Spain, enjoy a unique subtropical microclimate. Its temperate climate allows for the production of tropical fruits such as mangoes, avocados and custard apples.

Fresh organic mangoes season in Spain is relatively short. It starts mid September, and ends by the beginning of December. We handpick our mangoes during their natural season, and send your organic fresh mangoes XXL to your door directly from the farm, therefore you can enjoy best quality mangoes with all their flavor, sweetness and aroma. We do not submit our mangoes to any treatment or storage in order to extend their shelf life. Tropicultura  mangoes are always extra fresh.

Organic certification. logo_eu_organic

Our mangoes are 100% natural, organic and sustainable. We care about your health, our health and the health of the soil that provides for our food.  That is why we cultivate all our crops without using any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our organic crops are certified by CAAE. logo_caae

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Source: US department of agriculture Ficha

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