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With our seasonal and shipments calendar you will be able to organize your purchases more efficiently.


Seasonal Calendar of our fruits grown in the Tropical Coast of Granada

Today, fruit arrives to us by ship and plane from other continents, distorting our knowledge of the local fruit season. Transport by ship does not leave a disproportionate carbon footprint, however, it affects the quality of the fruit because it has to be kept in cold storage or undergo chemical treatment to withstand the journey. The result is a deterioration in the natural ripening process that ends up affecting the taste and texture of the fruit transported. On the other hand, air transport leaves a carbon footprint that is as significant as it is dispensable. Do you know your seasonal and locally grown fruit?

** The calendar is approximate. The seasons vary each year depending on weather conditions. In some seasons, due to high demand, we run out of fruit before the end of its natural season.

How to consume the best fruit ever?

A very simple step towards not having to sacrifice either the environment or the taste of the fruit we eat is to consume it locally and in season. Spain, which is the world’s leading producer of cherimoya and the largest producer of avocado in Europe, continues to confuse the season of the latter with imported fruit, and continues to exclude cherimoya from most of its seasonal fruit calendars. We are producers and we know the season of our fruit, contact us.
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