Tropicultura virtual visit

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We´d love to show you around so that you feel the breeze when you walk among those avocado trees, you hear the cracking of the mulch leaves under your feet, and hear the swish swash of the grass rubbing against your knees.

If you do not have the chance to get to the Tropical Coast of Granada in person, through these photoss we hope to convey an image of a day in the farm, where we take care of the trees but most importantly of the land that nourishes them. No synthetic chemistry crosses the borders of Tropicultura. we know that our health is in what we eat wnd what we eat comes from the earth.

These photographs were made possible by our friend Daniel Peinado who´s a true artist capturing those special moments in weddings and sport events, although this time the party guests were trees, custard apples and avocados.

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