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In tropicultura we grow our organic fruit in the Costa Tropical of Granada, mainly in the area of Rio Verde near the town of Jete.

Where to find us: in The Costa Tropical de Granada

The Costa Tropical is a coastal region located in the province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It extends along approximately 55 kilometers of coastline on the Costa del Sol, east of the city of Malaga. The Costa Tropical is known for its subtropical climate, with mild winters and warm summers, making it a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the sun and sea.

Some of the most prominent towns on the Costa Tropical of Granada are Almuñecar, Salobreña, La Herradura and Motril. These areas offer beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, a rich history and delicious local cuisine. The region is also known for its production of tropical fruits, such as mangos, avocados and cherimoyas, which benefit from its warm microclimate.

The Costa Tropical of Granada is a charming coastal region in southern Spain, combining beaches and nature with the rich Andalusian culture.

Where to find us: The town of Jete

Jete is a charming village located in the Costa Tropical region of Granada, Andalusia. This region is characterized by its subtropical climate, which is particularly suitable for growing a variety of exotic and subtropical fruits. Agricultural activity in and around Jete in recent decades has been focused on the production of fruits such as mangos, avocados and cherimoyas, taking advantage of the unique climatic conditions of the area.

Subtropical crops are an integral part of Jete’s economy and culture. Local farmers have learned to take full advantage of the mild temperatures and relative humidity of the Costa Tropical’s Mediterranean climate. This has allowed fruits not normally found in more temperate climates to thrive in this region.

One of the most emblematic crops in and around Jete is the cherimoya. This fruit, also known as “the jewel of the Costa Tropical”, is valued for its sweet flavor and creamy texture. The most widespread variety is called Fino de Jete in reference to this town. Avocados, rich in nutrients and healthy fats, are also successfully grown in the area, and mangoes, with their tropical flavors, are another important source of agricultural production.

The farming activity in Jete not only contributes to the local economy, but also shapes the culture and daily life of the community. Many of the local festivities and events are related to the harvesting of fruits and agricultural products. In addition, the beauty of the crop fields and orchards adds scenic appeal to the region, attracting tourists and nature lovers.

Where to find us: The Verde River

The Verde River, meandering through the lush Costa Tropical of Granada in Andalusia, plays an essential role in the life of the region. Its crystal clear waters have been a fundamental resource for agricultural activity, irrigating the fertile fields that support a variety of subtropical crops. This river provides sustenance for the flourishing of mangoes, avocados, cherimoyas and other fruits, which benefit from its course to maintain their health and vitality in a subtropical climate. In addition to its agricultural contribution, the Verde River also acts as a tourist magnet, attracting visitors with its natural beauty and offering opportunities for hiking, swimming and relaxation in its picturesque pools and waterfalls. Overall, the Verde River stands as a vital element that intertwines agricultural activity and tourism, defining the Costa Tropical’s identity and its many facets.

Where to find us, The town of Jete
Junta de los ríos Río verde
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